Formal Privacy

Privacy has social, legal, commercial, and technological dimensions, where each dimension deeply influences the others. Worldwide, citizens have in many cases asked their governments to provide them with basic privacy assurances for their interactions with businesses. Such regulations can be complicated and impede businesses from effective operation. This project focused on the formal description and analysis of privacy regulations with an aim to understand their consequences and contribute to efforts to build compliant information systems.


Strong and Weak Policy Relations
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Privacy APIs: Formal Models for Analyzing Legal Privacy Requirements
Michael J. May
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Securing the Drop-Box Architecture for Assisted Living
Michael J. May, Wook Shin, Carl A. Gunter and Insup Lee
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Privacy APIs: Access Control Techniques to Analyze and Verify Legal Privacy Policies
Michael J. May, Carl A. Gunter and Insup Lee
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Privacy Sensitive Location Information Systems in Smart Buildings
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Kaijun Tan, Jason Crampton, Carl A. Gunter.
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Carl A. Gunter, Michael J. May, Stuart Stubblebine.
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