Tunnel Calculus



Completeness of Discovery Protocols
Alwyn Goodloe and Carl A. Gunter
Assurable and Usable Security Configuration (SafeConfig ’09), Chicago, IL, November 2009.

A Foundation for Tunnel-Complex Protocols
Alwyn E. Goodloe
Doctoral Thesis, University of Pennsylvania, March 2008. [BIB]

Reasoning about Concurrency for Security Tunnels
Alwyn E. Goodloe and Carl A. Gunter
IEEE Computer Security Foundations (CSF ’07), Venice, Italy, July 2007. [PPT][BBT]

L3A: A Protocol for Layer Three Accounting
Alwyn Goodloe, Carl A. Gunter, Matthew Jacobs and Gaurav Shah
IEEE Workshop on Secure Network Protocols (NPsec ’05), Boston, MA, November 2005. [PPT][BIB]

Formal Prototyping in Early Stages of Protocol Design
Alwyn Goodloe, Carl A. Gunter and Mark-Oliver Stehr
IFIP/ACM Workshop on Issues in the Theory of Security (WITS ’05), Long Beach, CA, January 2005. [PPT][BIB]

Design and Analysis of Sectrace: A Protocol to Set up Security Associations and Policies in IPSec Networks,
Alwyn Goodloe, Michael McDougall, Carl A. Gunter, and Mark-Oliver Stehr.
Technical Report, September, 2004.

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